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Addecd on January 11, 2017

Navy Shirts and Hoodies for the Navy Family.

Welcome to

Navy Shirts designed by

Navy Shirts Created by a Navy Mom

(For those that want to know who I am, my Personal Story is below.)

Find Awesome Navy Shirts and Navy Family Shirts at features art created by a Graphic Artist, (ME!) and I’m a Very Proud Navy Mom with 2 Son’s serving our country. I couldn’t find shirt designs that Iiked, so I created my own!
I design Original Custom Personalized Military and Navy Shirts and Keepsake Gifts for Every Member of the Navy Family & Navy Friends. Several Matching Navy Family Shirt Sets too!

buy best navy shirts at navymomshirts.comNavy T Shirts
Navy Long-Sleeve Shirts
Navy Athletic Shirts
Navy Baseball Jerseys

Navy Zip Up Sweatshirts
Navy Hoodies
Navy Sweatshirts

Navy V-Necks
Navy Tank Tops

We have shirts for:

Navy Mom & Navy Dad
 Navy Grandma & Navy Grandpa
Navy Sister & Navy Brother
Navy Daughter & Navy Son
Navy Wife and Navy Girlfriend
Navy Aunt & Navy Uncle …

… and for All Family Members & Friends

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I can Personalize Everything!!!

If you need a different Nickname, for example:  instead of Grandma, you need Nana,  just use the Chat, or Message Me and I’ll gladly create the Navy Shirt for you! ** I will gladly Custom Design and Personalize Any Shirts with Your Names, Titles, Rates, Ship/Carriers, Subs, etc.** 

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I design  T Shirts, Tank Tops, V Necks, Long Sleeve T’s, Baseball Jerseys, Sweatshirts,  Zip-up Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Mugs through several different platforms.

For Navy Mom Shirts Coupons and Promo Codes, I send them to everyone on my Exclusive Group List. I used to post them on the Navy Mom Shirts Facebook Page, but most people didn’t see it. Make sure to join us and sign up for the freebies, Giveaways and Special Insider Sales! New designs weekly!

Need Help or Have Questions?
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buy best navy shirts at


I am a Navy Mom with 2 Sons Serving Our Country. I support All Military Families. This journey started on my Original Navy Art Facebook Page, NavyMomsArt.

My personal reason for this Navy Shirt site, is to raise money to help My Family recover from several tragedies.

I am a Single Mom, and raised my 3 beautiful kids alone. It took several years, but I beat Cancer! Yay! Then I was hit by a Truck that ran a red light. Couldn’t walk for 2 years. Endured 12 operations on my back and head. It was really hard on my kids, But I didn’t quit! I couldn’t Quit!! I’m a Mom! I beat all the odds and keep pushing myself and now I am finally physically strong again! Was so Proud that Both my Boys joined the Navy. {3 years difference}

Then Hurricane Irene hit and our home was flooded out. Without the help of my boys, it was very hard.

Got through all that and the following year was hit with Hurricane Sandy!! OMG – Are you freakin’ kidding me???

Even with insurance, it wasn’t 1/4 enough to cover what we lost, including our truck, washer, dryer, oven, water heater, furnace, etc.etc. – you get the picture. I have not been able to recover from the devastation fast enough financially, but I am still truly grateful for everything, especially my kids, health and I can walk!

June 2017 update. I will be going through jaw and oral surgery next. (Because of the truck that hit me).  That is why I haven’t been around on facebook for the past several months.

These last years have been extremely challenging to say the least!! Hopefully this next surgery will be a success. The one previous to this was a total disaster! $21,000 spent for nothing but more heartache! I will continue to persevere! 

I created a graphics page on Facebook to honor my two Sailors and Support all the Navy Moms who are missing their kids as I do. It expanded to include All Navy Family members!
So many people requested my art and graphics to be put on shirts, mugs, etc. So I founded for Navy Shirts, Sweatshirts, Gifts & Keepsakes. I had many requests from Parents and Grandparents that have kids in more than one branch of the military. So I incorporated multi-branch shirts in my designs.

I then had Army and Marine family members ask me to make a shirt for them, based on my Navy shirts they liked. So I opened to start serving more than the Navy Family. So far, I have some Army designs going. Working on the Marines as well. Air Force and Coast Guard will happen in time.

CLICK to see the currant shirts ON SALE  NOW –>

For the past few years, I have been creating Military Art for free, and will continue to do so. It gives me Great Joy to Support You and Your Families. The pages also keep my Spirits up, which is good for my Giving Soul, even though designing graphics requires SO MUCH TIME 😉

Hence, this is my opportunity to work towards reclaiming the life that my family and I lost too many times, while supporting Military Families with keepsakes and shirts that they will be proud to wear and cherish for a lifetime.

Quick note – Check the Measurement Charts and Diagram to Order the Right Size!

SIZING TIP: Each manufacturer’s shirt sizes are quite different. Before you order, find a shirt you already have that fits you perfect.  Lay it out on a table or bed and take the A and B measurements as shown in the diagram.

If you read this far, I Sincerely Thank You for Your Time and Support!!! Big Hugs! NavyMomShirts


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