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Navy Mom T Shirts . Navy Mom V-Neck Shirts . Navy Mom Long Sleeve Shirts & Navy Mom Sweatshirt Hoodies


Navy Mom State Shirts & Sweatshirt Hoodies have Art on the Front and Back.
Due to popularity of the Navy State Shirts, they are now always available to purchase!!!

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{===> Want to know WHY I Created These Shirts? MY QUICK STORY is Below the Shirt Photos <===}

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I am a Navy Mom with 2 Sons Serving Our Country. I support all Military Families with my Original Art on my Facebook Page

Graphics are on the Front and Back of each shirt. I designed the Navy Mom Shirts so they would be printed on a blue shirt for a "Red White & Blue" theme. There are many colors to choose from if blue is not your "thing".

The personal reason for these shirts, is to raise money to help My Family recover from several tragedies.
I am a Single Mom and raised my 3 beautiful kids alone. It took several years, but I beat Cancer! Yay! Then I was hit by a Truck that ran a red light. Couldn't walk for 2 years. Endured 12 operations on my back and head. It was really hard on my kids, But I didn't quit! I couldn't Quit!! I'm a Mom! I beat all the odds and keep pushing myself and now I am finally physically strong again.
Was so Proud that Both my Boys joined the Navy. {3 years difference} Then Hurricane Irene hit and our home was flooded out. Without the help of my boys, it was very hard.

Got through all that and the following year was hit with Hurricane Sandy!! OMG - Are you freakin' kidding me???
Even with insurance, it wasn't 1/4 enough to cover what we lost, including our truck, washer, dryer, etc. - you get the picture.
   I have not been able to recover from the devastation fast enough financially, but I am still truly grateful for everything, especially my kids, health and I can walk!

I created a graphics page on Facebook to honor my Sailors and Support all the Navy Moms who are missing their kids as I do. It expanded to include All Navy Family members!
So many people requested my art and graphics to be put on shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, etc.  I feature the Navy Family Shirts on and ALL Military shirts on

For the past couple years, I have been creating Military Art for free, and will continue to do so. It gives me Great Joy to Support You and Your Families.
The pages also keep my Spirits up, which is good for my Giving Soul, even though designing graphics requires SO MUCH TIME ;)

Hence, this is my opportunity to work towards reclaiming the life that my family and I lost too many times.
Please -
Make sure to Order the Right Size! Use the measurements, not the letter size.

If you read this far, Thank You for Your Time and Support!!! Big Hugs! NavyMomShirts
Navy Mom Shirts Present Navy Mom State Shirts

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